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    NJ World Languages Curriculum Framework, 1999
New Jersey Department of Education

The New Jersey World Languages Curriculum Framework is a resource and guide for educational communities as they restructure their schools to align existing world language curricula with the Core Curriculum Content Standards.

This Framework is designed to be used by educators who practice in a variety of teaching environments from kindergarten through grade 12 (e.g., world language teachers/specialists and classroom teachers). Administrators, school board members, parents, local business leaders, and members of the community are also urged to utilize this Framework to assist them in creating and communicating a district vision of standards-driven world language classrooms.

Vision: A new beginning for world languages in New Jersey

  • A well-articulated K-12 world language program that prepares all students to actively and effectively participate in the dynamic global community of the 21st century
  • A continuous sequence of language learning, firmly grounded in research on second-language acquisition, that is integrated into the core curriculum
  • An instructional sequence that provided opportunities to use language through meaningful, interactive experiences, enriched by culturally authentic content, and transacted as a cumulative and spiraling process

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