Guidelines for the Development of World Language Teachers:
Linguistic and Cultural Competence
Pedagogical Competence
Continuing Professional Development

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
To improve student learning in America, teachers volunteer to be assessed to high and rigorous standards, resulting in certification.

Guidelines by Central Jersey World Languages Professional Development Institute 2000.
    Continuing Professional Development Guidelines
Guidelines for the Development of World Language Teachers:
Meeting the Vision of the Standards

Certification programs alone cannot adequately address all the needs of the practicing teacher. Issues introduced in pre-service education must continue to be addressed in the field. The mandate of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for World Languages implies the need for ongoing refinement of professional skills and content proficiency while encouraging reflective practice. It is expected that the role of the university is to work with school districts for the continuing professional development of the in-service teacher.

Teachers should be encouraged to:

  • Advocate and showcase world language programs.
  • Create a portfolio that might include evidence of self-reflection, risk-taking, collaboration, and results of action research.
  • Consult with teachers of other subject areas in order to develop content-related units.
  • Continue to participate in professional organizations and remain aware of current research, theory and practice.
  • Engage in peer coaching and observations.
  • Attend professional language conferences and workshops as well as institutes that occur over time.
  • Seek immersion experiences in the target language and culture.
  • Use/develop resource materials that are consistent with best practice.

In order to achieve these professional development goals, teachers should recognize the need to consult with administration to obtain:

  • Adequate time, resources, and support.
  • Well-trained supervisors with world language expertise.
  • Appreciation for world languages within the school and community.
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