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World Languages Resources for K-12 Teachers and Parents


Anacleta's Spanish and World Language/Culture Links
Collection of links for teachers, parents and children about Spanish and its many cultures, as well as other world languages and cultures. Use this site as a source of support, creativity, and inspiration as you bring the joy of learning a new language to young people.
SALSA: TV Show used in classrooms. Stories in Spanish.
The final ingredients of the award-winning SALSA mix are animation that explodes onto the screen with color and inventiveness and live-action segments that enthrall and illuminate. In every episode, the three acts of the central puppet presentation are interspersed with such footage to reinforce key words, numbers and phrases.
NJN Broadcast schedule
School Year 1999-2000. Salsa. World language and culture: Grades PreK-4
NJN Supports the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards
School Year 1999 - 2000. Global families, social studies, world language & culture: Grades K-5
The Human Languages Page: Languages and Literature, Spanish
http://cgi.hardlink.com/~chambers/cgi/HLPsearch.cgi? language=&stype=DIV&DIVS=Languages+and+Literature%5c%5c0Spanish
don Quijote - Spanish Language Games
Learn Spanish and have fun at the same time.
Basic Spanish for the Virtual Student
Learn Spanish from 50+ modules covering pronunciation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, and other themes
Welcome to Dr. Rix Spanish Trix Pages
Below you will find linx to various and sundry grammatical concepts which have bedeviled Spanish students since the dawn of creation. The explanations will give you a clear and concise notion of what's going on. But they won't help you nearly as much as getting up off your trasero and cracking some books.
¡Welcome, Bienvenidos!
Bienvenidos a La Pagina Español. Muchas gracias por venir. Welcome to the Spanish Page. Thank you very much for coming. When you click on one of the links below, you'll be transported to an area where you can become pretty good at speaking Spanish. When Spanish is taught well, it is quite easy to learn and understand. Presented in these pages, I hope to teach you, a person of any Spanish speaking ability, my second language, Español.
Spanish Courses in Internet / Cursos de Español en Internet
List of seven links to on-line courses
Web Spanish Lessons
My name is Tyler Chambers, and I have prepared these Spanish lessons to teach basic knowledge, grammar, and vocabulary for Mexican Spanish. I am not a native speaker of Spanish, so any mistakes in these lessons are my own.
Webspañol: Spanish language resources for beginner - intermediate
Spanish language resources: penpal exchange, chat, message board, online tests, and more.


Excite Travel: Destinations: South America
General travel and culture information.
Latino Link
English language Latino-American pop-culture "news".
The Life and Works of Jorge Luis Borges
This site is thus meant to act both as a thorough and solid introduction to Borges' life and works, and as a central index to everything Borges on the web.
The On-line Guide to Mexico
The most complete and independent online guide dedicated to Mexico, including Baja California, Business, Culture, History, NAFTA, Real Estate, and Travel.>


Online version of El País
(a well-known Spanish newspaper)
Spanish Newspapers on the web
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