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World Languages Resources for K-12 Teachers and Parents


Chinese Calligraphy
This website was created by elementary school children to introduce other young people to the art of Chinese calligraphy.
Ocrat Chinese Pages
Chinese-related web pages with a focus on Chinese language learning for English speakers.
On-line Chinese Tools
"These pages hope to provide tools to assist people in learning and using the beautiful Chinese language. From the novice Chinese language student to the advanced programmer, I hope there is something here for everyone. Rather than being a Chinese language course, it provides tools to people who are already studying and using Chinese. Please check out the Character Flashcards, the Chinese/English dictionary, the Chinese Namer, and the Western/Chinese Calendar Converter."
Conversational Mandarin Chinese Online
Includes audio.
Speaking Chinese
"This Home Page is designed to deliver Chinese language courses primarily via the Internet. At this initial stage, we are only offering an elementary course. Later on, intermediate and advanced courses will also be available." Includes audio.
China & Chinese from the FLLC at SMU
"Chinese architecture, art, business and economy, culture, history, literature, language, landscape, music, newspapers and magazines, politics and society."
Yunsheng Shen's China & Chinese Web Site
Beijing-born author Yunsheng Shen's comprehensive study of life in China, includes Chinese architecture, Chinese art and handicrafts, Chinese culture, Chinese literature, language, Chinese landscape, etc.
The Human Languages Page: Languages and Literature, Chinese
http://cgi.hardlink.com/~chambers/cgi/HLPsearch.cgi? language=&stype=DIV&DIVS=Languages+and+Literature%5c%5c0Chinese


Chinese Culture Online Library (CCOL)
"Chinese Culture Online Library (CCOL) is a New York based nonprofit library dedicated to promote Chinese culture on the Internet. By popular demands, the selected Chinese fables returns to the Chinese Literature section of the CCOL."
Chinese Cooking in a Nutshell
"If God's a cook, she must be Chinese! Let's explore in more detail not just old and new, but near and far. It is amazing how influences from in and outside China simmered over the last 30 centuries to turn tasty into wonderful."
China Virtual Tours
"Explore China's most famous tourist areas and scenic attractions all from the comfort of your own home."
CND: The Land of Beauty
Series One: Top Ten Scenic Sites
Series Two: Natural Landscapes
Series Three: Ancient Buildings
A Day in the Life of China


Inside China Today
China Daily News and Business, Local Press, Country Information, Related Sites and Books, in English.
Chinese-Language Radio Broadcasts
"This page collects, in one place, information on radio or other broadcasts in Mandarin, Cantonese, and other Chinese languages. The emphasis is on broadcasts that are globally available, either via shortwave radio, cable, or in recorded form over the Internet."
China Central Television


Chinese Listserv
A list for promoting communication among teachers, researchers, and students of Chinese. The discussion covers a wide range of topics from theory to practice.
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