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tech lessons: Visitamos El Prado

Title: Visitamos El Prado

Topic: Art

Level: High School

Standards Addressed:
Foreign Language Standards   NETS Performance Indicators (9-12)
1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 3.1, 3.2, 4.2   1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Timeframe: One 45-minute period

Materials Needed: CD-ROM Masterpieces of the Prado Museum from LADAC Multimedia

Description of Task: Art plays an important part in the culture of many cultures. The Prado Museum has masterpieces from many great artists, not only from Spain, but Italy and other European countries as well. With this CD the student can experience these great works, while at the same time be learning about their histories and what exactly it is that makes them so great. In this get-acquainted exercise the student can pick an area, artist or painting to report about. Since the majority of artists whose works are displayed are of Spanish or Italian origin these two would be the most likely languages to benefit from such study. Since there are artists from other countries also, the use of this software could easily be applied to other western languages. For the third and fourth year Spanish, this same report could be accomplished entirely in Spanish, so an accompanying worksheet is included in Spanish.

Instructions are provided to guide the student into whatever area (s)he chooses for the report. Once an area is chosen, certain accompanying requirements are included to assure that the student's report contains other important information available on this CD.

Activity instructions:

  • An explanation of the role of Art in the particular culture being studied would be beneficial, especially to students who have not been exposed to this area.
  • Create cards that would be titled with the areas the student chooses from the procedure described below.
  • If it is desired that the students present their findings to their classmates, introduce students to PowerPoint or Hyperstudio or some similar program so that they can present their report to their classmates using these programs.


  1. Insert disc into CD ROM drive, go to My Computer on desktop icons and click on "D" drive, then choose prado.exe. Select whether it is English or Spanish that is desired, then proceeded to the main menu. Here select Indexes unless the student already knows that (s)he wants to report on one of the 5 greatest masterpieces in the Prado (if this latter is the case then the Tours icon should be chosen). The indexes will allow the student to view and see the title of many of the works in the Prado. The student can search a list of the artists or the schools represented in the Prado by going to the bottom of the page and selecting one of these headings. The student should then choose to report about either a famous work of art (either from the indexes page or from the masterpieces under the Tours page) or a famous artist or a particular school of artists.
  2. After one is selected, return to the main menu (either the button at the top right of screen, or the arrows at the bottom right, or both). Select Time line to place the work(s) or artist chosen in its (his) place in the timeline of history. Find and note the works that most closely preceded and followed the topic chosen. Likewise the personage and the Historical events (both the ones before and the ones after) which are also provided in accompanying timelines.
  3. Return to indexes (if going there for the first time it's at the bottom of most pages via the down arrows, or else it is on the main menu to the extreme right). If it's a painting that is being researched, then go down the list and click on it for more information about it. Once the artist is known (or if it is an artist that is being researched) go to the artists icon at the bottom and click on the artist. Find information about the school to which the work belongs (or if a school of artists was chosen as the theme of the report) by likewise clicking on the schools from the lists below.

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