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tech lessons: Museo Mural Diego Rivera

Title: Museo Mural Diego Rivera

Topic: Art

Level: High School

Standards Addressed:
Foreign Language Standards
1.2, 2.2, 3.1, 4.2, 5.1

Timeframe: One 45-minute class

Materials Needed:

Description of Task: To take a virtual visit to the Mural Museum and examine "Dream of a Sunday afternoon in the Alameda" ("Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central") Diego Rivera.
Students will find out details about the museum (days/hours of operations, location, how to contact the museum, exhibits)
Students will be able to identify 15 people in the mural and tell some information about each one
Students will be able to find the painter and his wife in the painting
Students will be able to tell about the size of the mural
Students will be able to tell about the history of the mural
Students will compare the people in the mural to people in their community
Students will compare the Alameda to parks they are familiar with

Activity instructions: Familiarize student with painting. With this activity, we will examine the mural in more detail.

Go to the web site:
www.arts-history.mx/museomural.html "Diego Rivera"

Have students answer the following questions:

Where is the museum? What city? Address? Phone#?
What is a mural?
Who painted this mural?
Why do you think he painted murals?

Click on Museum History and find out:
Where was the mural originally supposed to hang?
Why isn't it there?
What is the full name of the painting?
Who is the artist?

Click on Mural's History and find out:
When was it painted?
How big is it?
How much does it weigh?
What kind of place is the Alameda?
The description mentions that there are 3 sections. What is one important them of each?
What scandal affected the painting? What was the result?
Name 4 locations for this mural and when it was in each one.

Return to the Homepage and click on the People Identification
Click on the mural. You can access the left, right or center panel
Identify the characters whose names you can recognize.
Identify people who look like people in your community
Which character would you most like to be? Why?
Which character would you least like to be? Why?
Are there any places that you know of or you've been to that are like the Alameda?
Which person is the painter? Which person is his wife? What is she holding?

Click on Home. Go to Services.
Tell about the permanent exhibit. When can you see it?
Are there any special events?
When is the museum open?
What day is it closed?
What is the entry fee? Are there any special prices, or one price for all?

Post Activity? Identify "La Catrina" in our video

The teacher will show pictures of other works by Diego Rivera and by his wife, Frida Kahlo

The teacher will Xerox and share some activities form Vamos a Jugar con Diego Rivera (printed for the 50th anniversary of the mural).

Leslie Port
Toms River HS South
55 Hyers Street
Toms River, NJ 08753


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Updated: Fri Nov 23 2007