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tech lessons: Memory

Title: Memory

Topic: Vocabulary Review

Level: Upper Elementary

Standards Addressed:
Foreign Language Standards   NETS Performance Indicators (3-5)
1.1   4, 8, 10
Timeframe: One 30-minute class

Materials Needed: To play a Spanish/English Matching Game, go to: www.quia.com/custom/38gate.html

Activity instructions:

  • A game board appears with Spanish words in one color and their English equivalents in a second color.
  • Students work in pairs. They take turns matching the Spanish and English vocabulary items as follows:
    • Each student chooses a color.
    • Student A clicks on a word in his chosen color.
    • Student B finds the corresponding word in his color and clicks on it.
    • If it matches, both squares become large red stars and student B challenges student A by clicking vocabulary item in his chosen color and student B tries to find the match.
    • Play continues until the entire board is covered with stars.
  • When the game is over, they switch languages and start a new game with the winner having the first color choice and the first turn.

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