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tech lessons: Let´s go job hunting!

Title: Let´s go job hunting!

Topic: Foreign Languages in Careers

Level: High School

Standards Addressed:
Foreign Language Standards   NETS Performance Indicators (9-12)
1.3, 3.1, 5.1, 5.2   1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10
Timeframe: Two 40-45 minute periods (if only one period is desired, the activity ended anywhere after the conclusions of number II).

Materials Needed: A computer with Internet capabilities

Activity instructions: See worksheets below

Assessment: Activity will be evaluated through the success that students have at identifying job fields and specific jobs that use and require foreign languages. It is hoped that they will find that there are many interesting jobs where foreign languages play an important role and that this activity will help them realize what opportunities will be open to them if they pursue foreign language study.


To find the information necessary to complete this exercise you'll need to use one of the following URL'S:

www.monster.com www.petersons.com
www.jobweb.org www-csc.ucsd.edu/csc/


  1. type the URL for this website in the location at the top of the Internet screen
  2. choose the selection that will give you information about companies and job opportunities
  3. choose a letter to give you companies that begin with that letter
  4. after reading a description of the company, go to the bottom of the screen and click on "Visit our career page at"
  5. choose careers
  6. select a job category from the "all categories" list and click on executive.query
  7. pick a specific job or two and click on them

Note: Number I (below) might be the most difficult to find. It might be best to answer 11 and III first, keeping in mind what you need for number I in case you come across it in your searches for these others.

  1. Find one job that lists a knowledge of a foreign language as a requirement:
    1. name the company:
    2. list its e-mail address:
    3. describe the company:
    4. where is this job(or company located)?
    5. what are some examples of its products/services?
    6. why do you think a foreign language is required?

  2. Find two types of jobs where a knowledge of a foreign language would be an advantage (or it's listed as being preferred that a second language is known)
    1. list their email addresses:
    2. name and describe the companies that have these jobs
    3. where are these jobs (or companies) located?
    4. what are some examples of products/services from these companies?
    5. why do you think knowledge of a second language is an advantage in this job?

  3. Now search for a job in the area in which you are most interested
    1. name this field
    2. name 2 companies which have jobs in this field
    3. write the addresses of the websites that gave you these companies
    4. if these jobs have different names from the job area please list these jobs
    5. where are these jobs (companies) located?
    6. what are examples of their products/services?
    7. if these companies have offices or branches or affiliates outside the USA, list these with the names of the companies:
    8. are any of the locations you just mentioned, in countries where the language you are studying is spoken? Name these countries.
    9. list the other skills required by this field (job)
    10. what are the general education requirements for this position (amount of schooling required, type of degree, etc.)?
    11. go to www.altavista.com and use the translator provided to translate into the language you are studying each of the jobs and/or job areas that you mentioned in your answers (I, II, III) above (go to the bottom of the home page and click on "international", then choose babel fish on the left of the page, again choose babel fish toward the bottom of the page, then type in the word or phrase (of the job) and choose either English to Spanish (or whatever you are studying) or vice-versa.
    12. find a company in a country which speaks the language you are studying and which has jobs in the field in which you are interested (as so named in IIIa above). List both the company and the country below:

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Updated: Fri Nov 23 2007