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tech lessons: Find the Card in the Living Room

Title: Find the Card in the Living Room

Topic: House

Level: High School

Standards Addressed:
Foreign Language Standards   NETS Performance Indicators (9-12)
1.1, 1.2, 1.3   1, 3, 5, 10
Timeframe: One week

Materials Needed: Computers, Triple Play Plus CD-ROM, Miniature furniture


  • Students will be able to identify living room objects.
  • Students will be able to recognize placement of an object in the living room while understanding prepositions of placement sur, sous, entre, en face de, derriere.

Activity Instructions: Direct instruction, modeling, and practice concerning objects in the living room and prepositions of placement.. Guided practice using Triple Play Plus and projection panel in the classroom. Independent practice in a laboratory with each student using program.

Activities Curriculum
1. Teacher will bring in a grab bag with miniature furniture and objects in the living room and posters of furniture and objects. Teacher will identify items for the class. Students will be called upon to identify items by teacher and by other students. Identification will be reinforced by writing the names of the objects on the chalkboard. Communication,
2. Teacher will model prepositions of placement by placing furniture items around the classroom and telling students where they are located in relation to previously learned classroom vocabulary. Communication  
3. Teacher and individual students will call upon class members to state where the furniture objects are located in relation to classroom objects and other furniture objects. Communication  
4. Students will be given a grid of a living room and paper furniture. (Picture of furniture may be downloaded from a French shopping site on the web) They will cut out and color the living room and the furniture (optional). Students will work in groups furnishing their living rooms by gluing furniture in place. They will use French to discuss where furniture objects are placed. (Coloring should be completed only when age appropriate) Communication,
Culture - if furniture from a French web site is used),
5. The teacher will display one of the students' living rooms via an Elmo projector. The teacher and then individual students will ask students to identify furniture by stating where items are placed using prepositions of placement. Communication 3
6. The teacher will then add a picture of a playing card and ask where the card is placed in relation to the furniture in the living room. Several individual students will repeat the same process. Communication  
7. Students will then be given a tiny reproduction of a playing card. They will work in pairs placing the playing card and asking their partner where it is located. Communication  
8. The teacher will model the section of the Triple Play Plus Program addressing the living room and placement of a playing card via a projection device in the classroom. Communication 3
9. Students will then go to the language lab and work with the living room section of the Triple Play Plus Program. Communication 1,3
10. Students will take their paper living rooms home and tell a family member the names of the furniture. The will place the playing card in the room and tell the family member where the card is and demonstrate its location either on their paper living room or in their own living room.

The family member will sign a paper stating the assignment had been completed
11. Students will go to the language lab and complete the living room activity as an assessment. Communication 1,3
12. Students glue small playing cards in their paper living rooms and describe where the cards are located. This can be recorded on an audio or videocassette and used for assessment. Communication 3
13. Students complete a composition describing where the cards in their living room are located. This composition will serve as an assessment. Communication  

Tools and Resources:

Small models of furniture, grab bag, posters, paper living room and furniture, playing cards and small playing cards, Triple Play Plus section addressing the house and the living room. Furniture Web Site to be added, Classroom computer, projection device, Elmo device, computer laboratory with access for all students to Triple Play Plus.


Student completed living rooms, form signed by family member indicating home assignment completed, score on Triple Play Plus finding cards in the living room section, oral presentations of living rooms and where students have placed their playing cards, written reports addressing descriptions of living room and where cards are placed.


Dorothy David e-mail: ddavid@monet.prs.k12.nj.us
Mary Mackenzie e-mail: mackem51a.admin@ebnet.org


We have not taught this activity but feel that it would be valuable. Once students master this activity they could work independently with other rooms in the house on the CD. This activity could be expanded or simplified depending on the amount of time available. We feel that 3 to 4 40-minute instructional periods would be necessary to complete the activity.


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Updated: Fri Nov 23 2007