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Classroom Internet Activity - Elizabeth Downing

Title: Chinese Classroom Internet Activity

Chinese 1- 3

Standards Addressed:
Foreign Language Standards
1.2, 5.1

Sites Cited:



Access the site listed above (a newspaper in Chinese)
Make sure your decoder is set for Big5 (the code used for traditional characters)

Write the web address here

Write the date in Chinese here:

Click on the button for Today's Weather (in Chinese)

This screen will give you the weather conditions in Hong Kong (Where the paper is published).

Today's high temp. __________C

Today's low temp. __________C

Click on the Button for China's weather.

Click on the Beijing button.

Tomorrow's temperature in Beijing will be __________

What is the forecast for Shanghai? __________

Click on the area closest to us

Translate what the map calls this area.

Translate the weather for the next few days.

The descriptions are divided by continents...Check on the world map in our classroom if you can't read the names without help.

Translate the names of the continent categories ...

See if you can "guess" the names of some of the cities included on the list.

What city (in Chinese) has the best weather for today? Why (answer must be in Chinese)

Click on the button for the World Weather forecast

Choose an area of South America you would like to visit.

Click on that area. Translate the name of the place What will the temperature in Brazil be tomorrow?__________

Click on the button for the World Weather forecast. Go to North America. Answer the following questions in Chinese:

1. Question #1
2.Question #2
3.Question #3
4.Question #4
5.Question #5

Elizabeth Downing
Hunterdon Central High School


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Updated: Fri Nov 23 2007