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tech lessons: Celebrando la familia

Title: Celebrando la familia

Topic: Family

Level: Upper Elementary

Standards Addressed:
Foreign Language Standards   NETS Performance Indicators (3-5)
1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2   4, 5, 8, 9
Timeframe: Time: 180 minutes (six one half hour classes)

Materials Needed: Gessler Qkids-An interactive Kit for Young Learners
(la familia CD-Rom Activities and the Pasos Family picture charts)
Gessler Publishing Co., Inc.
10 East Church Ave.
Roanoke, VA 240ll
Tel: 1-800-456-5825
Fax: 540-342-7172
Email: gesslerco@aol.com

Viva el Espanol
(Lesson 10-Vamos a aprender acerca de nuestra familia)
National Textbook Company
NTC Publishing Group
4255 West Touhy Avenue
Lincolnwood (Chicago), Illinois 60646-1975 U.S.A.

Marc Brown's
Arthur's Birthday (Choice of English or Spanish is available on the same CD-ROM disc. Many of the Living
Books provide this option.)
Broderbund- Living Books
P.O. Box 6125, Novato CA 94948-6125
Tel: 1-800-521-6263

by Liza Sernett
T.S. Denison and Company, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55431


  • To acquire and demonstrate an understanding of the Spanish words for family members by responding to simple questions and TPR commands.
  • To demonstrate an understanding of the Spanish words for family members and their relationships to each other by illustrating and describing a family tree.
  • To utilize new and previously learned vocabulary to relate the events of an interactive software story.
  • To compare the ways in which last names are passed on in Spanish (as opposed to in English) by demonstrating with the use of a family tree.

Prior knowledge:

día, martes, miércoles, jueves, viernes, sábado, lápices, papel, muy bien, fiesta, amigos, gracias, chocolate, clase, niños, niñas, grande, tiene, años

New vocabulary:

mamá, madre, papá, padre, abuela, abuelita, abuelo, abuelito, hermano, hermana, tío, tía, mi

Vocabulary introduced for interactive software story:

Feliz, cumpleaños, parientes, bromeando, decoraciones, sorpresa, dolares, juego, juntos, invitado

Expressions, phrases, structures:

Esta es _______. Este es ______. ¿Quién es?
Es el_____. Es la _____. Es mi_____.

Activity instructions:

  1. Use the Qsteps CD-Rom to introduce the class to the new vocabulary and the Pasos family.
  2. Draw a bare tree with branches on the blackboard or create a tree that can be placed on felt fabric.
  3. Create vocabulary cards for family members, inquire of students what they know about family trees. Elaborate on their responses or if necessary explain the concept of family trees.
  4. Place the vocabulary cards and matching Pasos family member cards on the family tree and review the vocabulary cards with the class.
  5. Use TPR and grammatical structures to instruct individual students to identify family members.
  6. Ask the class to identify other family members that can be included in the family tree. (el tío, la tía, el primo, la prima)
  7. Instruct students to bring in pictures of family members, draw pictures of family members, or cut out patterns from A BIT OF EVERYTHING (UN POCO DE TODO) in order to create a family tree on large construction paper during class.
  8. Prepare a vocabulary sheet for students to use for labeling their family tree.
  9. Using their family trees, ask volunteers to identify their family members to the class. In pairs have students identify their family members by using the grammatical structures: "¿Quién es ?" and " Es mi ____."
  10. Using student created family trees, illustrate how last names are passed on in Spanish.
  11. Introduce vocabulary for interactive CD-Rom software, Arthur's Birthday. Review the family member names that will appear in the story.
  12. Create sequencing cards that contain portions of the plot and be sure to include the family members mentioned in the story.
  13. Create a graphic organizer that students can use to do some scripting or guided writing about the sequence of events in the plot. Note prior vocabulary learned can be spiralled for this activity.

Myrna Milan
Livingston Elementary School
75 Livingston Avenue
Cranford, NJ 07016-3134


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