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tech lessons: A Mayan Adventure

Title: A Mayan Adventure - Special Assignment

Topic: History

Level: Upper Elementary (Cultural research activity is in English)

Standards Addressed:
Foreign Language Standards   NETS Performance Indicators (3-5)
1.2, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 4.2   1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10
Timeframe: One period of 40 minutes

Materials Needed: Computers with Internet capability

Activity instructions: After visiting designated sites, students will respond to the attached questions about the Mayan culture.

Assessment: See rubric

Myrna Milan
Livingston Elementary School
75 Livingston Avenue
Cranford, NJ 07016-3134

A Mayan Adventure - Special Assignment

You are a reporter for the Livingston Avenue School newspaper with a special assignment that requires you to travel to Mexico and Central America. You will be joined by a team of explorers who seek answers to the following questions:

1. Are there any similarities between the Mayan civilization form of government and the United States form of government?

2. What factors are believed to have contributed to the collapse of the Mayan civilization?

3. In your opinion,can any of these factors contribute to the collapse of civilization as we know it today?

4. Is it possible to communicate with a Mayan in this century?
( ) Yes   ( ) No   Explain your answer:

5. If you could meet a Mayan today, what would you want to ask him or her?

Below are web sites that can help you and your team explore the answers to this newspaper assignment:





Rubric for Mayan Adventure Internet Activity

Indicators: (4) Excellent (3) Very Good (2) Satisfactory (1) Needs Improvement

Question #1
Elaborated on research beyond "states."

Question #2
Listed possible factors. Note four factors representing a score of 4.

Question #3
Explained option using knowledge of factors.

Question #4
Provided a yes response and explanation consistent with research.

Question #5
Questions developed by student demonstrate an understanding of the connection between history and the current status of Mayan population.


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Updated: Fri Nov 23 2007