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Por Fin Es Carnaval
Introduction Lessons:
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Por fin es carnaval - Lesson #1
Lesson 1-Activities
  • Give the students the Cuestionnario/Encuentra Alguien sheet. Explain the procedure by role-playing the various tasks and modeling with another student. When the students are finished with the "Find Someone" have them report their findings to the class.
  • Graph and discuss the results of the questionnaire with the students.

Homework: Ask the students to interview two friends, school personnel or family members (in English or Spanish if possible) using the questions from the Cuestionario and to report the information to the class and add it to the graph.

  • Use a check sheet to record if the students can complete the questionnaire on their own, with help from the dictionary, or with help from the teacher? Are they asking friends or the teacher for clarification?
  • Use post-it-type notes to record short narratives of individual students' participation in the activities. Are they attempting to use Spanish, mixing Spanish and English, or are they speaking in English during the activities.
  • Use a check sheet to record if individual students are or are not providing information for the graph and if they are getting their message across with few or many mistakes.
  • Have the students self-evaluate their interview of a friend, school personnel or family member using the following criteria or criteria they design:
1) I conducted the interviews
___ completely ___ mostly in Spanish.
2) I conducted the interviews
___ completely ___ mostly in English.
3) I reported the information to the class
___ completely ___ mostly in Spanish.
4) I reported the information to the class
___ completely ___ mostly in English.

Objectives  Students will:

  • understand and complete a questionnaire;
  • use Spanish to participate in the Encuentra Alguien activity;
  • provide information for the graph.


  • information on the Cuestionnario/Encuentra Alguien sheet and explanation of procedures;
  • ¿Qué quiere decir __________? Pásame el diccionario por favor.
  • __________ me ayuda en despertarme por la mañana, ¿y tú? Yo pienso en __________ por la mañana, ¿y tú?


Standards  Students:

  • Communication 1.1 engage in conversations in the find someone activity and about the graph; provide information when they complete the questionnaires and when they are working on the graph and obtain information when they are conducting the interviews.
  • Communication 1.2 understand and interpret written information about the questionnaire and spoken information during the find some one activity.
  • Communication 1.3 present information to the class about their findings.
  • Connections 3.1 reinforce their knowledge of graphing.
  • Communities 5.1 use their language beyond the school setting if they interview a friend or family member in Spanish.