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A Trip to the Zoo animals printer-friendly version
Around the Mexican Town maps/ directions printer-friendly version
Can You Describe Me? wild animals printer-friendly version
Can You Find the Color? colors printer-friendly version
Diez amigos van al mercado
  (Ten Friends Go to the Market)
shopping printer-friendly version
¿Dónde está?
   (Where is it?)
locations printer-friendly version
Eyewitness personal description printer-friendly version
Finding a Job reading ads/ writing letters printer-friendly version
First Aid Squad basic questions printer-friendly version
Le Bonhomme Sandwich
  (The Sandwich Man)
body parts printer-friendly version
Let's Make Paella food printer-friendly version
My Home Town giving directions printer-friendly version
¿Qué vas a hacer?
  (What are you going to do?)
weekend plans printer-friendly version
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Anuncios comerciales
persuading others printer-friendly version
Having a Bad Day self expression/ persuading printer-friendly version
Title Topic Print
A Conversation in a Restaurant foods/ descriptions printer-friendly version
Aclarando malentendidos
  (Conflict resolution)
self expression printer-friendly version
Dangerous Weather vacations/ weather printer-friendly version
Frida Kahlo: Mi interpreptaci Mexican art printer-friendly version
The Incompetent Doctor health printer-friendly version
Las Meninas art descriptions printer-friendly version
Letter to a Friend expressing thoughts and emotions printer-friendly version
Problem in the Emergency Room health printer-friendly version
Problems at the Airport traveling printer-friendly version
Un Nouveau Parfum creating/ describing printer-friendly version
Vive La France Libre DeGaulle/ French Resistance printer-friendly version
Vive le Francais! relationship of language and culture printer-friendly version
Ferris French's Day Off! health, excuses printer-friendly version

Lesson plans and assessments contributed by Central Jersey World Languages Professional Development Institute 2000.
The Incompetent Doctor

Title: The Incompetent Doctor

Topic: Health

Level: Intermediate

Focus Age Group: 15 to 18 years

National Standards:

Communication   Cultures   Connections   Comparisons   Communities

Communicative Mode:

Interpersonal   Interpreptive   Presentational

NJ Cumulative Progress Indicators:

  • 7.1.11 Interact with appropriate responses in limited social settings and basic situations
  • 7.1.12 Express details of their everyday lives and of past experiences
  • 7.1.13 Engage in original and spontaneous conversation in the language studied
  • 7.1.14 Organize thoughts into coherent oral speech

Timeframe: One class period of 40 minutes

Description of Task:
You will be assigned one of the attached role-play situations. You will have five minutes to conceptualize and orally develop the role-play with your partner. You are not permitted to write. The presentation must be at least three minutes long. Your presentation may be videotaped.

Materials Needed: Tape recorder / camcorder, role-play situations

Teacher Notes:
Here is the suggested procedure:

  1. Give all students a class assignment which is to be done while other students are presenting their role-play situations.
  2. Randomly select pairs of students for the role-play.
  3. Randomly assign role-play situations to each pair.
  4. Each pair has five minutes to conceptualize and orally develop the role play.
  5. After five minutes, all students must stop practicing and separate.
  6. Pairs of students will be called to the front to present the role-play.
  7. Other students are doing the class work which was assigned previously.

Prior to doing this task, students should have been working with health vocabulary in written and oral work. Due to the complexity of the symptoms and treatments, the teacher may want to provide the students with index cards with the prompts in English. The first time the students do this type of activity, you may want to extend the time in step 4. These are spontaneous conversations, however, and extended time is not beneficial. It is suggested that you record/videotape the presentations.

Scoring Criteria:

3 Exceeds Expectations
  • usage of a wide range of vocabulary & structures
  • appropriate, logical responses to more difficult communication
  • pronunciation does not interfere with communication
  • highly creative & interesting
  • exceeds minimum time
2 Meets Expectations
  • concerted effort to use vocabulary & structures
  • appropriate, logical responses
  • pronunciation may interfere with communication
  • attempt at creativity
  • meets minimum time
1 Does Not Meet Expectations
  • minor attempt to use vocabulary & structures
  • some appropriate, logical responses
  • pronunciation does interfere with communication
  • little attempt at creativity
  • does not meet minimum time

Adaptations: These role-play situations can be adapted to any of the upper levels.

Carol A. Meulener
West Windsor-Plainsboro High School
Clarksville Road,
West Windsor, NJ 08550


You just went to see the doctor but this doctor seemed to be a bit strange. You are telling your friend about how you were feeling and what the doctor did. You argued with the doctor about his/her treatment. Your friend tells you that he/she saw the same doctor last week and that he/she had a similar experience. Should you report this doctor to the police???

I.  A. 1) symptoms: chills, diarrhea, fever, vomiting, headache,...
2) treatment: x-ray your leg, try to put your leg in a cast, prescribe eye drops,...
B. 1) symptoms: broken arm, terrible pain, dizzy spells,...
2) treatment: listen to your heart, give you cough syrup,...
II.  A. 1) symptoms: constipation, temperature, stomachache,...
2) treatment: bandage your head, take your blood pressure,...
B. 1) symptoms: sprained ankle, swollen foot, terrible pain,...
2) treatment: take your temperature, prescribe pills for diarrhea,...
III.  A. 1) symptoms: chest pains, dizzy spells/ fainting spells,...
2) treatment: x-ray your head, take your temperature,...
B. 1) symptoms: stuffed up nose, cough, headache,...
2) treatments: give stitches, take an x-ray,...

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