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A Trip to the Zoo animals printer-friendly version
Around the Mexican Town maps/ directions printer-friendly version
Can You Describe Me? wild animals printer-friendly version
Can You Find the Color? colors printer-friendly version
Diez amigos van al mercado
  (Ten Friends Go to the Market)
shopping printer-friendly version
¿Dónde está?
   (Where is it?)
locations printer-friendly version
Eyewitness personal description printer-friendly version
Finding a Job reading ads/ writing letters printer-friendly version
First Aid Squad basic questions printer-friendly version
Le Bonhomme Sandwich
  (The Sandwich Man)
body parts printer-friendly version
Let's Make Paella food printer-friendly version
My Home Town giving directions printer-friendly version
¿Qué vas a hacer?
  (What are you going to do?)
weekend plans printer-friendly version
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Anuncios comerciales
persuading others printer-friendly version
Having a Bad Day self expression/ persuading printer-friendly version
Title Topic Print
A Conversation in a Restaurant foods/ descriptions printer-friendly version
Aclarando malentendidos
  (Conflict resolution)
self expression printer-friendly version
Dangerous Weather vacations/ weather printer-friendly version
Frida Kahlo: Mi interpreptaci Mexican art printer-friendly version
The Incompetent Doctor health printer-friendly version
Las Meninas art descriptions printer-friendly version
Letter to a Friend expressing thoughts and emotions printer-friendly version
Problem in the Emergency Room health printer-friendly version
Problems at the Airport traveling printer-friendly version
Un Nouveau Parfum creating/ describing printer-friendly version
Vive La France Libre DeGaulle/ French Resistance printer-friendly version
Vive le Francais! relationship of language and culture printer-friendly version
Ferris French's Day Off! health, excuses printer-friendly version

Lesson plans and assessments contributed by Central Jersey World Languages Professional Development Institute 2000.
Frida Kahlo: Mi interpretación

Title: Frida Kahlo: Mi interpretación

Topic: Mexican Art

Level: Intermediate

Focus Age Group: 15 to 18 years

National Standards Goals:

Communication   Cultures   Connections   Comparisons   Communities

Communicative Mode:

Interpersonal   Interpretive   Presentational

NJ Cumulative Progress Indicators:

  • 7.1.9    Describe people, places, things, and events with some details
  • 7.1.17  Communicate and interact in a limited range of task-orientation and social situations
  • 7.2.2    Demonstrate an awareness of culture
  • 7.2.7    Demonstrate an awareness of contributions made in many fields by men and women of diverse cultures

Time Frame: One forty-five minute period for the commentary

Description of Task:
Imagine that you are writing a commentary for the Spanish Club newspaper on the art of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Using the information that we have studied about Frida Kahlo's life and her art, write a commentary giving your observations about the attached work of art.

In your commentary on the artist include:

  • a description of the events that shaped her life
  • the importance of art in her life.

In your commentary on the work of art include:

  • a visual description of the portrait
  • what images are portrayed?
  • what do these images represent?

Materials Needed:
Various works of art from Frida Kahlo
¡Ven conmigo!, Level 3, page 154-156
     Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1996

Teacher Notes:
This assessment tool should be utilized as closure for the topic of art, women in art, or the life of Frida Kahlo. Preceding the assessment task should be vocabulary activities focused on describing a work of art, readings, and discussions about art and the artist.

Scoring Criteria:

Task Completion
3 Completion of the task; content appropriate; ideas adequately developed and well organized
2 Partial completion of the task; content mostly appropriate; ideas are undeveloped
1 Minimal attempt to complete task and/or frequently inappropriate
Comprehensibility of Written Expression
3 Text readily comprehensible with few errors in accuracy
2 Text mostly comprehensible with some errors in accuracy
1 Text barely comprehensible with many errors in accuracy
Vocabulary Usage
3 Rich use of vocabulary with frequent attempts at elaboration
2 Accurate use of vocabulary related to topic
1 Inadequate and/or inaccurate use of vocabulary
Demonstration of Cultural Knowledge
3 Includes information that demonstrates knowledge of cultural differences and similarities
2 Includes information that demonstrates some awareness of cultural differences and similarities
1 Includes little or no information that shows awareness of cultural differences or similarities

The activity can be:

  • adapted to be used with any artist or style of art;
  • simplified by asking students to write only a descriptor for the work of art that will be posted;
  • expanded where the students' writings may be peer edited and posted;
  • adapted as an oral assessment tool by asking students to tape their commentaries and/or present their commentaries to class;
  • expanded by comparing two works of art.

Lisa Rebimbas
Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School
Westfield Road
Scotch Plains, NJ 07080

Lista de vocabulario


apagado, apagada
el artista, la artista
el abstracto
el autorretrato
el centro
el cielo
el cubismo
desnudo, desnuda
la distancia
el estilo
el fondo
la forma - el círculo, el rectángulo, el triángulo, el cuadro
la galería
la inocencia
junto a
la juventud
la muerte
el mural
la naturaleza, la naturaleza muerta
la obra de arte
el paisaje
la paleta
parado, parada (de pie)
el perfil
la perspectiva
el pincel
la pintura
el primer plano
el realismo
la reflección, reflejado
el Renacimiento
sentado, sentada
el silencio
la sombra
el surrealismo
el tamaño - pequeño, mediano, grande, alto, bajo, mediano, ancho, delgado
el tema
el tono
la vida
vivo, viva

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