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Title Topic Print
A Trip to the Zoo animals printer-friendly version
Around the Mexican Town maps/ directions printer-friendly version
Can You Describe Me? wild animals printer-friendly version
Can You Find the Color? colors printer-friendly version
Diez amigos van al mercado
  (Ten Friends Go to the Market)
shopping printer-friendly version
¿Dónde está?
   (Where is it?)
locations printer-friendly version
Eyewitness personal description printer-friendly version
Finding a Job reading ads/ writing letters printer-friendly version
First Aid Squad basic questions printer-friendly version
Le Bonhomme Sandwich
  (The Sandwich Man)
body parts printer-friendly version
Let's Make Paella food printer-friendly version
My Home Town giving directions printer-friendly version
¿Qué vas a hacer?
  (What are you going to do?)
weekend plans printer-friendly version
Title Topic Print
Anuncios comerciales
persuading others printer-friendly version
Having a Bad Day self expression/ persuading printer-friendly version
Title Topic Print
A Conversation in a Restaurant foods/ descriptions printer-friendly version
Aclarando malentendidos
  (Conflict resolution)
self expression printer-friendly version
Dangerous Weather vacations/ weather printer-friendly version
Frida Kahlo: Mi interpreptaci Mexican art printer-friendly version
The Incompetent Doctor health printer-friendly version
Las Meninas art descriptions printer-friendly version
Letter to a Friend expressing thoughts and emotions printer-friendly version
Problem in the Emergency Room health printer-friendly version
Problems at the Airport traveling printer-friendly version
Un Nouveau Parfum creating/ describing printer-friendly version
Vive La France Libre DeGaulle/ French Resistance printer-friendly version
Vive le Francais! relationship of language and culture printer-friendly version
Ferris French's Day Off! health, excuses printer-friendly version

Lesson plans and assessments contributed by Central Jersey World Languages Professional Development Institute 2000.
First Aid Squad

Title: First Aid Squad

Topic: Basic Questions

Level: Novice

Focus Age Group: 15 to 18 years

National Standards Goals:

Communication   Cultures   Connections   Comparisons   Communities

Communicative Mode:

Interpretive   Interpersonal   Presentational

NJ Cumulative Progress Indicators:

  • 7.1.5  Provide and obtain information on familiar topics
  • 7.1.8  Create and respond to simple phrases, questions, sentences

Timeframe: One forty-five minute class period

Description of Task:
Select one of the following scenarios. You will have approximately five minutes to plan your role. You may use an index card to jot down the sequence of questions, in English, and/or one or two key vocabulary words you may need in Spanish. Do not write out complete questions in Spanish. These presentations may be tape recorded.

  1. You are a member of your local First Aid Squad and are on the scene of an accident. A Mexican migrant worker was riding his bicycle along the side of the highway when he was hit by a car. You are the only member of the squad who knows any Spanish, and you must ask all the questions. Be sure to find out the victim's name, age and address. Ask if he is in any pain and where the pain is. Also ask if he lost consciousness. Explain that he will be transported to the hospital for further evaluation.
  2. As a volunteer in the emergency room of the local hospital, you find that you are the only one who speaks Spanish. The triage nurse asks for your help in interviewing a new Mexican patient. You must find out the patient's name, address, phone number, social security number and employer. You must also ask the reason the patient has come to the emergency room and determine if the patient has any allergies or past medical history related to today's problem.

Materials Needed: Tape recorder and situation cards

Teacher Notes:
After giving students approximately five minutes to select their scenario, have them put the task aside while presentations begin so that some students to not have extra planning time. If you want to have all students listen to the presentations, consider providing each student with a listening checklist. As information is presented, they are to note it on the form.

If students are more reticent, you may wish to have the class work on another written assignment in order to keep them engaged as students are making individual presentations to the teacher.

The teacher may wish to record each presentation so that students may replay it after receiving their assessment.

These scenarios may be expanded and developed into role play situations with one student becoming the patient.

Scoring criteria:

3 Exceeds Expectations
  • Asks all required questions correctly and adds additional appropriate questions
  • Pronunciation does not interfere with communication
2 Meets Expectations
  • Asks required questions with little amplification
  • Pronunciation may interfere with communication
1 Does Not Meet Expectations
  • Omits some required questions
  • Pronunciation interferes with communication

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