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A Trip to the Zoo animals printer-friendly version
Around the Mexican Town maps/ directions printer-friendly version
Can You Describe Me? wild animals printer-friendly version
Can You Find the Color? colors printer-friendly version
Diez amigos van al mercado
  (Ten Friends Go to the Market)
shopping printer-friendly version
¿Dónde está?
   (Where is it?)
locations printer-friendly version
Eyewitness personal description printer-friendly version
Finding a Job reading ads/ writing letters printer-friendly version
First Aid Squad basic questions printer-friendly version
Le Bonhomme Sandwich
  (The Sandwich Man)
body parts printer-friendly version
Let's Make Paella food printer-friendly version
My Home Town giving directions printer-friendly version
¿Qué vas a hacer?
  (What are you going to do?)
weekend plans printer-friendly version
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Anuncios comerciales
persuading others printer-friendly version
Having a Bad Day self expression/ persuading printer-friendly version
Title Topic Print
A Conversation in a Restaurant foods/ descriptions printer-friendly version
Aclarando malentendidos
  (Conflict resolution)
self expression printer-friendly version
Dangerous Weather vacations/ weather printer-friendly version
Frida Kahlo: Mi interpreptaci Mexican art printer-friendly version
The Incompetent Doctor health printer-friendly version
Las Meninas art descriptions printer-friendly version
Letter to a Friend expressing thoughts and emotions printer-friendly version
Problem in the Emergency Room health printer-friendly version
Problems at the Airport traveling printer-friendly version
Un Nouveau Parfum creating/ describing printer-friendly version
Vive La France Libre DeGaulle/ French Resistance printer-friendly version
Vive le Francais! relationship of language and culture printer-friendly version
Ferris French's Day Off! health, excuses printer-friendly version

Lesson plans and assessments contributed by Central Jersey World Languages Professional Development Institute 2000.
Anuncios comerciales (Commercials)

Title: Anuncios comerciales (Commercials)

Topic: Convincing others

Level: Novice / Intermediate

Focus Age Group: 14 to 18 years

National Standards Goals:

Communication   Cultures   Connections   Comparisons   Communities

Communicative Mode:

Interpersonal   Interpretive   Presentational

NJ Progress indicators:

  • 7.1.14  Organize thoughts into coherent oral speech
  • 7.1.17  Communicate and interact in a limited range of task-oriented and social situations
  • 7.2.9    Recognize and understand verbal and nonverbal cues within a culture
  • 7.2.13  Use technology to enhance language acquisition and to acquire current cultural information in order to develop a more accurate impression of the culture studied

Time frame: Two-to-three 40-minute class periods for the presentations

Description of task:
Choose one of the following options:

  1. Create a product. Say what it does, describe it, compare it with others and convince an audience about the qualities and conveniences of it. Length of presentation: 1 to 2 minutes.
  2. Create a job and persuade people to go to work for you. Tell about the benefits of the job and the needed qualifications. Be sure to use nonverbal cues (body language). Length of presentation: 1 to 2 minutes.

Materials needed:
Television, VCR, power point presentations, films, filmstrips, overhead projections, publications such as newspapers and magazines, posters, etc.

Teacher's notes:
To be able to implement this task students will need to have studied vocabulary associated with shopping and occupations and expressions used to convince others. Also, they should be familiar with cultural nonverbal cues (body language). Students are assigned to work individually or with partners of their choice, to create ads to sell a new product of their own creation, or advertise job opportunities, also of their own creation.

Scoring criteria:

Task Completion
4 Completion of task exceeds requirements
3 Completion of task meets requirements
2 Partial completion of task
1 Minimal or no attempt to complete task
Communication of message
4 Message clearly comprehensible and with elaboration
3 Message clearly comprehensible
2 Conscious effort, message somewhat comprehensible
1 Minor attempt, message barely comprehensible
Vocabulary and pronunciation
4 Excellent vocabulary; no pronunciation errors
3 Good vocabulary; no significant pronunciation errors
2 Adequate vocabulary; occasional significant pronunciation errors
1 Inadequate use of vocabulary; pronunciation interferes with comprehension
4 Expression with high level of accuracy
3 Obvious effort to use language structures with accuracy
2 Some effort to use language structures with accuracy
1 Minimal or no effort to express language structures with accuracy
Cultural knowledge
4 Demonstrates excellent cultural knowledge (use exceeds expectations)
3 Demonstrates good cultural knowledge (use meets expectations)
2 Demonstrates some cultural knowledge (use does not meet expectations)
1 Demonstrates no cultural knowledge (did not use nonverbal communication)

The activity can be simplified for a beginner level by making posters to advertise a product. It could also be a group presentation. More time could be given for preparation of the activity.

Hilda A. Spevack
East Brunswick High School
380 Cranbury Road
East Brunswick, NJ 08816


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